In the beginning of the 70th decade, the Brazilian market was in need of professional sound devices. At this time the sound technician Renato Silva had only a small electronic component business, but overcoming all adversities he believed in his work philosophy and founded Staner Electronics. A decade later Eros Loudspeakers was born from a Staner inside department.


Starting in 1998, Eros Loudspeakers began attending to the inside and outside market, becoming independent. Due to the crescent sales and to the heavy technological and quality investment, Eros Loudspeakers became a nationally known and respected company that believes in a bright future for its sector. It’s biggest objective is to offer products of the utmost confiability to the Brazilian and international market


Eros Loudspeakers currently have in its production line more than 150 products, which attends to all the requests from a market more and more demanding, thus its constant innovation.

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